Bye 2015 🙋

It is less than 48hrs to the end of 2015. I know to some it’s been a great year while to others its an year they can to wait for it to end. For me 2015 has come with its own lessons, mistakes, good times and bad times. Overall it has been a pretty good year and as we start a new year I would love to share a few lessons I learned in 2015.

Lesson #1
Positivism. Always surround yourself with people who challenge you and think positively. This will make you want to be a better person and by doing this you will eventually avoid getting into a comfort zone. Negativity is a killer of happiness so in whatever situation you are going through always think positively. Stay away from any negative energy.

Lesson #2
Problems shared are half solved. I know I just talked about being looking at the positive side of things but there are those days where you feel down. Its unavoidable and its part of being human. Have friends who you can talk to during such moments. Trust me it feels good to share what is weighing you down. Thanks Faith being there for me.

Lesson #3
Be yourself. Never apologize for who you are and never change who you are for people who don’t even have an idea who they really are. Believe in your abilities and know you are captain of your own life.

Lesson #4
Allow yourself to be vulnerable. May are the times when vulnerability is associated with weakness but it’s not always the case. By being vulnerable you allow yourself to feel, get in touch with your fears and get to really know yourself better. Allow yourself to fall in love, to be loved, face your fears and take down all those walls we build around ourselves. Have the courage to be imperfect and be who you are and not what other people expect you to be.

Lesson #5
Be grateful for what you are and what you are. We are always quick to complain about what has not been given to us or fulfilled but we forget to say thank you for what we have. We are always complaining to God but we forget to give thanks for things like good health, seeing a new day etc.

Lesson #6
Life is not perfect. Sometimes things don’t go good for me and it comes to a point where I have to question my purpose in life. Life is a journey and it’s not a perfect road. You hit some speed bumps, but that does not mean it is the end of the road. It simply call for re-evaluation. I have learnt to move on even when things are not great. I believe in every situation there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no situation lasts forever. So hold on better days are ahead.

The lessons are many but I feel this six are the ones worth highlighting. I am happy I graduated this year after four years in school. At the same time I am great I met a few awesome people who am hoping will also be a part of my life in 2016. To my friends I appreciate you all. To my readers thank you guys for reading. Now to the most important people in my life: Mum and dad thanks for your support. To my sisters Theodora, Perpetual and Robina I love you guys.
Thanks for stopping by. I wish every one of you a happy 2016 full of blessings.
See you next year.


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