My journey up North!


Ever waited for something for so long? I guess we have all waited eagerly for something in life. For me I looked forward to this trip for a long time. The day was finally here, one bright, sunny wednesday afternoon.

The journey began a bit past 3pm and it was exciting for me. First because I love travelling, secondly, I love just watching scenaries and finally with the great company I had, why wouldn’t I be excited.

Unfortunately, on the first day of the journey between Juja to Marsabit  I didnt take any photos because the scenaries around my depature point to Timau are somewhat something I am used to. Plus it got dark.

Spent the night at Marsabit and I have to say the place surprised me. I expected some remote town with nothing much to look forward to but to my surprise its a decent town and the place I spent the night had even WiFi. The scenary around is just amazing. So many hills and there are so many wild animals because of the Marsabit National Park and conservencies around (didn’t get to see anywild animals though).  I hear the biggest elephants in Kenya are from Marsabit so am hoping I get the chance to see them some time.

Day 2.

It was time to head on the famous Marsabit – Moyale road which a few year back was known to be one of the notorius roads in Kenya. I have to say it has to be the best road now. Its fully tarmaced and you can actually count the number of cars on the road (for now).

Marsabit- Moyale road
Rocky desert…the ostriches blend perfectly with the background
One of the many crater in the area.
Turbi town

Around 240 km later we arrived at the destination. Moyale to be precise the Kenya-Ethiopia border post which is almost complete now.

I love how unique this looks!
Customs building!
Other side of the customs building and Ethiopia at a distance.

Big ups to the brain behind the border post design. Am so proud of you!! Due to time constraints I didn’t get time to explore around.

Northern Kenya is spectacular!
Views are just breathtaking!
I suck at posing for photos but on the positive…weightloss looks great on me!


EwasoNyiro River!


I really loved this trip and given the opportunity I would take this trip again and again. What I saw was beyong my expectations. Northern Kenya is one magical place that I would love to explore more. Am glad I got the opportunity and thank you to the ones that made it happen.

Till next time.



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