“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.” -Hal Borland.

Its been a year since I graduated from university…time really flies.Its been a transition from being a student under the care of my parents to a graduate with responsibilities. Its not been easy  but its a journey I have come to really appreciate. For the first time in life I don’t like being a  grown up. Like when did I become an adult? I didn’t sign up for responsibilities.

I have learnt quite a number of things some are lessons and virtues. There are time I just feel like am a disappointment to myself but one thing I have learnt to do is to appreciate myself as I am. I have learnt to be patient with myself, patient with others and also trust that God has great plans for my future.

Many of you can agree to the fact that finding a job is not easy. Its very frustrating. Many times I just and wonder, I was a good student all through my school life, got good grades and worked hard in school but what do I have to show for it?  I know am not the only who has felt this way. Over time I have come to realized that I have a lot to show for it. I might be not where I want to be in life but I believe am heading there. Its a journey and just like any other typical journey its has its ups and downs.

The only way you can make the journey bearable is by having faith, patience, being hardworking,  persistent and prayerful. surround yourself with people who believe in you, the kind of people who will motivate you when you are feeling down. Believe in yourself as a person and in your potential.

At times I just get to a point where I just want to give up and just pack up all my stuff and move back to my parents and just get into a comfort zone but then I tell myself ‘Auxillia you have come a long way  and this is not the point to give up. In fact now is the time to push yourself even further.’ As time goes by it get easier but whatever you do never give up. Learn to pick up yourself and continue moving. One obstacle does not mean its the end. Don’t lose sight what of what you want in life. Stay passionate and work hard towards your goal.

This post is dedicated to anyone who is going through a difficult phase in life. Know you are not alone. Have someone to talk to, to encourage and guide you. As they say a problem shared is problem halved. Above all have faith, be prayerful, work hard, be patient and persistent. Do your part and leave the rest to God. 🙂

Have a productive week.

Till next time …








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