Finding simplicity from clutter ♥

Am a big fan of this tv channel called TLC. They really have interesting programs like cake boss, my fat fabulous life just to mention a few. There is this specific program that got me thinking. It’s called hoarding: Buried alive. The program is about people who have attachment issues with things. Let’s call them ‘collectors’. They collect stuff they don’t need and have issues to let go and so they pile up stuff for years and years. So the programs involves helping this people declutter their life in terms of therapy to get to the bottom of why they hoard and now the actual cleaning up stuff they don’t need. Thinking about it led to me concluding that these guys may be hoarders of materialistic things but what about all the other unnecessary baggage we carry around in life. You can have a sneak peak of what am talking about here


Hoarding is described as a disorder where  a person find it persistently difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items.

Everyone hoarders in their own way though when it goes to the extreme it becomes a disorder. A good example is I have all the books and past papers that I used in university. Well that’s not messed up but look at it at this angle. I did 66 units if I remember correctly. Now that’s 66 used exercise book and so many past papers. Why do I still keep them yet I already earned my honors? I guess I just have in me to let go. Yeah am that petty.

Anyhow I want to talk about a different type of hoarding though I don’t know how to call it but am hoping by the time am done writing this I will have gotten a name for it. I bet most people have been in a situation where somebody wrongs you but you just keep it to yourself. They wrong you again and they cycle continues. So emotions pile up and pile up and you become an emotional time bomb waiting to explode. You simply transform to a bitter person who is mad at everything and everyone and you clearly ignore the real problem. You are an emotions hoarder.

The other type of hoarding is the friend’s hoarder. I know of people with a million and one friends…not literally but you get my point. Am not saying it’s a bad thing to have many friends but sit and ask yourself if you got into trouble how many of your many friends would come through for you. Get the number and cut off the rest. Have people in your life who genuinely care about you. The rest are just baggage.

2016 is around the corner. Make it your mission to declutter your life. It’s time to get rid of things, people and emotional stress you don’t need in your life. Trust me life is easier without unnecessary baggage. Its not easy to let go that’s for sure but it’s important to.

just take a few minutes and reflect on your life. then from there make a decision on what you need and what you need in your life and move on from there.

Thanks for stopping by and all the best as you work towards decluttering life.

Till next time 🙂







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