I am a girl on a mission…

“God can take you where you want to go.”

Every kid has an aspiration of what they want to be in life. When we are young our young minds were filled with dreams, creativity and imagination but as we grow older they disappear all the same. We then turn to some sort of societal zombies. We go to school, get a good job and then our schedule simply becomes Wake up….. Go to work…. Eat lunch…..Take a break…. ……Work some more. Go home…..Make dinner… …Watch TV……Go to sleep. Wake up……Go to work…… Eat lunch…. Work some more….. …..Go on twitter, snap chat, Instagram…..Feel sorry for ourselves….Go home…..Rinse…..Repeat…..Die.

Growing up we heard people around us telling us we can be anything we want in life…yet the same people are living like corporate prisoners. How does that happen? Most of the times we don’t do some of this things for ourselves. It’s usually more of we want to prove someone or the society wrong .  I know its not a conscious choice that people make. We make some of this poor choices everyday and we unconsciously build a protective shell to shield us from the pain of reality. The pain of knowing that you are destined for greatness but somehow ‘life’ is robbing you that chance.

Why am I writing this. Well, the answer is really simple. I am writing this to tell you there IS a choice. I am a girl on a mission. A mission to :

~Chase my dreams of freedom, security and prosperity.

~To give back to my family because they deserve it.

~To give back to the society by helping those who don’t have.

~To achieve what I set in my mind no matter how difficult it is.

The next question arises. How will I achieve this?

Am in control of my tomorrow so first and foremost I have to step out of my comfort zone and stop making excuses. I will fight for the life I want because I know I deserve it. I will push myself to be the best I can no matter the circumstances.

Excuses makes us not exploit our full potential in life which then leads to one getting into a comfort zone where you convince yourself everything is going to be okay when clearly its not. Its high time you quit making excuses for your short comings and take massive action towards your future, your goals, dreams and desires.

I hope this blog post resonates with you so its high time to take charge and stop making excuses.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Till next time





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