I believe most people have gone through or are going through this phase of life. The phase where you shrink yourself, make yourself less sensitive, less opinionated just because you want to make yourself liked by people or want to please someone. That time when you do not want to become too much or too pushy because you are afraid you will be a burden. That time when you want to be valued and wanted so you can feel worthy.

(image source: Google)

Guess what…you don’t need someone to tell you your worth, you do not need someone to tell you how awesome you are. Since you have made it your agenda to make other people happy, whose job is it to make you happy? You should not change who you are in the name of becoming someone else’s idea of worthwhile. There is nothing fulfilling as being yourself, having a voice and standing for what you believe in. Your thoughts matter, your feelings matter and you do not need someone’s approval to be who you are. Quit changing who you for people who are even yet to figure themselves out.

If you are going through this phase of life, it time you start choosing you over others. Refuse to shrink yourself, always speak your mind even if it makes other people uncomfortable. Your happiness should come first. Everything about you matters!

That’s it for today. 🙂

Have a happy July!

Till next time



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