There comes a time in life where one just sit and re-evaluate, re-invent and just take think about who they are and what makes them tick. I have had the opportunity to reflect on life and I would like to summarize what I have learnt over the years and what keeps me going.

1. Life is a journey.

No day is like the other. Some days am probably the happiest person in the world, at times I struggle to keep it together, other times I just want to stay indoor and watch movies the whole day…I know you get the picture now. Everyday is an opportunity to learn, make change, make new friends and so on. As my dad says there is no day in your life where you will sit and say am now comfortable and if you do something is really wrong somewhere. We keep forming new goal, aspirations and want to better ourselves in what we do and what we are, hence I always look forward to a new day. Everyday is  an opportunity to better myself, do something different and so forth.

2. I will never be perfect.

Am a perfectionist when it comes to some aspects in life. Personally am not perfect. the best statement I could use to describe myself is I am a work in progress. Being the first born, you have the pressure of being good in everything. If you are not careful you might end up doing stuff for the sake of others but what about what is important to you? I always tell my siblings one thing. Look up to me but only pick the good (since am not perfect) leave the rest and don’t aspire to be like me. Truth is you can never be me. Let me just be an example or inspiration in your journey of what you want to be in life.

3. Its okay to be vulnerable.

Forgive me but am still new to accepting its okay to be vulnerable :-). Watching this video has really helped me put things to perspective.

Most people associate vulnerability to weakness, which is not always the case. Everyone is vulnerable in one way or another but what most people choose to do is build up a wall in an attempt to protect themselves. On the outside you appear to be a very brave person who does not get emotional, who is always happy and so on, but in the inside you are breaking apart. When we accept that its okay to be vulnerable, we have the courage to be imperfect, courage to be who we are and not who people expect us to be. Vulnerability is not comfortable it just feels necessary in some situations. These past few week i have experienced what it feels like being vulnerable. The willingness to admit your feelings towards someone without really expecting them to feel the same, The willingness to want to invest in something that may or may not work out. You might wonder how it feels…trust me it feels awesome. Letting yourself be seen vulnerably, doing things without guarantee of a positive outcome. Doing this has made me know stuff I didn’t know about myself. You might ask has it made me look weak? No. On the contrary makes you brave since you are able to take down the wall we tend to build around ourselves and face the reality of things.

4. Its totally okay to trust your instincts but its worth making sure you are right.

Am pretty sure everyone has been in a situation where your guts literally scream at you RUN!!. Over time I have learnt what kind of situations or people deserve  a second chance and which ones don’t. In most cases our instincts are usually 100% right and there are times where are 50- 50 about something. If my guts tell me ‘run’, I usually do that but if my guts are 50-50, I will probably stick around until am sure what action to take. It might get ugly at times but I have learnt not to blame myself or live in regret. Instead I take it as a lesson and if am in a similar situation at least I will have an idea of how to handle things.

5. It’s not always about you.

Its really important to know that the world does not only revolve around you. Once you come to terms with this you will also begin to understand everything is not always about you. Its not always your fault something went wrong or someone suddenly starts feeling important. Other aspects play part in whatever we do and if something doesn’t go according to what you anticipated you don’t have to blame yourself. Somethings are just out of our control. Do not get caught up with the idea that everything has something to do with you. It doesn’t work like that. Remember you are an extraordinary, smart, worthy and intelligent person. No one has a right to make you feel any less that that.

That’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time :-).



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