As father’s day approaches I feel its the best time to start a series I have planning to do for a really long time. Growing up in a family of girls and having my dad being the only male in the house you bound to learn a lot from him when it comes to life, relationships and so forth. Most people say I look like my mum( I don’t see the similarity between us) but when it comes to character am more of my dad’s character.This series will basically be lessons I have learnt from my Dad as I grow up.

My amazing dad! :-)
My amazing dad! 🙂

Sometime last year I was home for a holiday break. My sister’s had already gone back to school so it was just dad, mum and I. One Sunday morning we were going to church and as usual the driving topic came up. Well, at times I feel like my dad is disappointed by his girls. Minus my 13 year old sister who can drive the rest of us are clueless and he is always like”Why can’t you guys be like your mother who can actually drive almost anything”. When such a topic comes up I always feel like I just want to disappear. It was then decided after mass I would drive from the driveway to the gate. Fast forward to after mass, my mum was left behind so it was me and dad. On the way home at around 1 pm there was this drunk guy sleeping besides the road. My dad was like, you can imagine that’s someone’s husband and probably someones father so when you are choosing a life partner avoid making some mistakes. Getting married to a guy who does any kind of drugs would be  enslaving yourself. He gave on example of smoking…he was like imagine waking up in the morning to the smell of cigarettes…that’s ‘slavery’. Here are the lessons that I picked that day:

1. Be careful on whom you choose to spend the rest of your life with. They might not probably smoke or drink alcohol but what really is their character. Its good to ask question. Just don’t assume. Make sure you know what makes that person angry, what makes them happy e.t.c

2. Don’t commit yourself to someone with the verge of wanting to change them. You can never change someone. Change should come from that individual.If someone has a behavior you don’t like chances are you can not change it…it’s who they are and its only that person who will see the need of change and do the necessary.

3. Be careful of the choices you make in life. They can either build you or destroy you.

It happened that I didn’t get to drive thanks to the drunk man by the roadside 🙂

Till next time 🙂



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