25 facts about me

This is not the post I was intending to do but then why not state some facts about me. I borrowed this from a challenge that was going around on IG a while ago.

Here we go…this are 25 facts about me 🙂


  1. Am the first born in a family of 4 girls. Yep no brother…
  2. I put God before everything. He is the reason I am who am today.
  3. My family is everything to me. I love my family…I know it’s not all the time I get along with my sisters but I love them.
  4. I love technology. It just fascinates me
  5. Most people think am some sort of nerd who loves jeans and t-shirts but trust me I can dress up in those heals and dresses.
  6. When I love something or someone I give my all. Whether it’s a job, person… you name it.
  7. I love cats. My mum actually calls me cucu wa nyau (cat grandma).
  8. Deciding to grow natural hair was the best decision I made last year and I didn’t even consult my mum. She actually found out I cut my hair a month later.
  9. I love challenges. They make me think out of the box. I also like people who can challenge me since makes me want to be a better person.
  10. Am forgetful. I don’t remember most of my childhood unlike my small sister who remembers even the date of almost anything in her childhood.
  11. At times I am blunt. No sugar coating stuff. I just call it as it is.
  12. I love thrift shopping.
  13. Am a free spirit. I rarely hold grudges and like to speak my mind.
  14. I love hand bags although I mostly ‘steal’ them from my mum. If am fascinated by any of her hand bags I always find a way to have it.
  15. I can’t swim. Why should I float on water…I just don’t get it.
  16. I have very few friends and the ones who I call my friends are 100 % real. I don’t do fakes.
  17. Most of my friends are guys. It’s less drama.
  18. I want to have my Master’s degree by the time am 25.
  19. I always try to be myself at all times. I don’t have multiple personality.
  20. I am shy and very quiet among people that am not really familiar with. Once I get to know them I let my guard down (just a little bit).
  21. Am an ambivert.
  22. I am very observant and I have a fairly good judge of character.
  23. Am the kind of person who once my mind is made up there is nothing or anything you can do to change my mind.
  24. At times I get a bit violent… Ask my friends…
  25. I love cars specifically muscle cars…who wouldn’t want to own one. Top gear is one of my favorite show.

I have to say that wads not easy. Have a blessed week!

Thanks for dropping by….

See you next time 🙂


2 thoughts on “25 facts about me

  1. Awesome…I actually chuckled at some point…wait, u cant swim? …luv the blog the theme is fantastic..with an indian accent.


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