When I joined university in 2011 four years seemed like forever. It’s now 2015, campus life is over and it just didn’t end unceremoniously. There was the ups and downs, good times and bad times, the sleepless nights reading for exams , stressful project…. That now has come to pass.

My first semester was quite uneventful since it was a new place, getting used to living by yourself and also getting to know the people you are going to spend the next four years with. The getting to know people part was not that easy …truth be told there are people who I didn’t get to know their names even after being in the same class for four years. At least I knew their names :-). Your first year in university becomes the formative years of how the rest of your time in campus will be. You form your circle of friends who you hang out with, go out with or visit each other. After campus that could be it you never get to meet them again yet they were your ‘closest friends’ in campus.

Its during my first year that I met Ms. Mwema who came to be my best friend. Besides getting the good grades in my  first year I would say this is one of the best thing that happened then. Having that friend who is there for you through thick and thin and feels like family is not something that happens often. We have been best friends since our first year and we still going strong.

Another interesting thing that happened in 2011 was our first school trip. It was some sort of road trip through Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret. Spending four days on the road with people who most are strangers to you is fun because at some point people have to drop the act and show their true colors. The trip was the kind that is filled with drama, fun and I got to know people better.

If I was to change anything during my first year, I would change absolutely nothing…Probably add more fun to the whole experience:-)

Thanks for dropping by!!!

See you next time…


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