“Follow your Arrow”

First time I heard the song was when watching Grammy Awards 2014, sometime last year. I loved the song but had no idea who the singer was nor the title of the song. A few days ago I decided to Google performances of Grammy 2014.And the search on Spotify began.

The song is by Kacey Musgrave and the title is “Follow your arrow”. What I love about the song is the message it passes across. We get to be judged by what we do or what we don’t do.If one focuses on pleasing people it never going to work out and it ends up being a burden.

Here are some of the song lyrics:

“If you save yourself for marriage
You’re a bore
If you don’t save yourself for marriage
You’re a horrible person
If you won’t have a drink
Then you’re a prude
But they’ll call you a drunk
As soon as you down the first one”

“If you can’t lose the weight
Then you’re just fat
But if you lose too much
Then you’re on crack
You’re damned if you do
And you’re damned if you don’t
So you might as well just do
Whatever you want”

“Make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points”

“If you don’t go to church
You’ll go to hell
If you’re the first one
On the front row
You’re self-righteous
Son of a-
Can’t win for losing
You’ll just disappoint ’em
Just ’cause you can’t beat ’em
Don’t mean you should join ’em”

I actually don’t need to say much about the lyrics they are quite direct.

You can listen to the song here


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