Hello World!!!

Well, I have decided to start another blog. Hope I will be consistent with this one. Am hoping 2015 will be a great year, I cant really complain about 2014 but am hoping this year will be better. I will start off this new blog with a life lesson… BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HELP…Yeah you heard right.


Life has really taught me a lot and am really grateful for the lessons learnt through experience. For some reason this are the lessons that you will forget. As they say Once bitten twice shy. The only person you can trust to have good intentions for you is God and family. At times its funny how the people you help most turn to be your worst enemies but anyway its part of life and by the end of the day you have to pick up the pieces and move on.

Since I have learnt this valuable lesson and trusted God above, I have to say its the best feeling ever. Sincerely, walking alone with God as your leading star takes you places you would never think you would ever reach. Experience is the best teacher.

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy Sunday hunnies!!!




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